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Trifacta Documentation

Our documentation site is moving!

For up-to-date documentation, please visit us at

We no longer update the content on this site.

This site will remain available for a few weeks. You can temporarily access the content with these links: Dataprep, Self-Managed Cloud, and Designer Cloud on AWS.

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Getting Started

If you've got an account or need a free trial, you can start your journey here.

Clean and Enhance

Identify and fix anomalies. Add or filter data. Analyze as needed.

Share & Collaborate

Share your flows with teammates and invite them to collaborate.

Intro to Data Wrangling

Get to know the revolutionary capabilities of  Designer Cloud and how they can accelerate your data pipelines.

Combine Datasets

Join, union, or lookup datasets into yours.


Configure your project or workspace and manage users, authentication, and more.

Connect & Import

Connect to your files or tables or access Alteryx example datasets.

Generate, Automate & Orchestrate

Run your jobs or schedule them to run later. Build plans to sequence execution across multiple flows.


Integrate Designer Cloud with your existing data engineering pipelines.

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