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Data Encryption

Here you can find information about the encryption of your data at rest and in motion, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Encryption of Data at Rest

Auto Insights leverages best-in-class cloud services with the option to exploit native data encryption services for the protection of client data. By default, all client data at rest (while it is stored on disks) is secured using (AES256) encryption.

Encryption of Data in Motion

Auto Insights employs industry-grade encryption (TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3) for all web/HTTPS traffic.

Console access to Auto Insights services is limited to key operational staff and is protected through the use of SSH. SSH sessions are protected via identity-based certificates rather than passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Deletion

Do you support secure deletion (for example, degaussing/cryptographic wiping) of archived and backed-up data as determined by the tenant?

For information on Auto Insights' retention policy, see Data Retention and Purging. Secure deletion at the hardware level is handled by the cloud platform provider.

Unique Encryption Keys

Are you able to generate unique encryption keys per customer/tenant?

No. Data is encrypted using Alteryx Managed Keys on the relevant cloud-based file storage

Key Management Procedures

Do you maintain key management procedures, such as documenting ownership for each stage of the lifecycle of encryption keys?


Encryption at Rest

Is tenant data encrypted at rest (on disk/storage) within your environment?

Yes, all data is encrypted at rest using Alteryx Managed Encryption Keys.

    Infrastructure Compliance and Monitoring

    Do you have the capacity to continuously monitor and report the compliance of your infrastructure against your information security baselines?