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Upload Goals

Here’s how you can upload your goals a.k.a Budgets, Targets, to get Auto Insights to perform a variance analysis against your main dataset (for example, Expenses, Revenue, SLA).

Requirements for Goals dataset:

  • Actuals data needs to be uploaded into Auto Insights before the Goals dataset can be uploaded

  • Only CSV upload is supported currently.

  • Goals dataset must have at least 1 measure.

  • Goals dataset must have at least 1 date column.

    • Goals dataset must NOT have a timestamp in any date columns.

There are 3 ways to upload goals:

  • [Only as an Admin] Immediately after you’ve ingested your actuals data, select Add Goals.

  • [Only as an Admin] Go into the Dataset tab in Admin Portal, select Add Goals at the top right of the screen.

add goals as admin
  • [As part of a ‘Viewer & Owner’ group of the dataset] Select the Actuals dataset in the Dataset Tab that you wish to compare your goals dataset with and click on ‘...’ of that actuals dataset and select View goals.

view goals

Now that we are in the Goals screen, here are the steps to upload your goals dataset.

1. Select Create goal at the top right of your screen.

create goal button

2. Name your goals dataset and click ‘Continue’.

name your goals dataset

3. Select your goals dataset and click ‘Continue’ to upload the dataset.

select your goals dataset

If there are any errors during the upload process, they will be highlighted in the left panel of the screen. Resolve them within the data file before continuing.

Goal data

4. Map your goals dataset to your actuals dataset. Take note that a measure and a date column must be mapped to complete the upload process.

Sales Targets

If there are any errors during the mapping process, they will be highlighted in the left panel of the screen. Resolve them before continuing.

At the end of this process, you’ll see that Auto Insights is in the midst of ingesting your new goal dataset, you can continue to explore your actuals data until this is completed.

Once it’s successful, you should be able to confirm that it’s ‘Ready for use’.


If you wish to re-ingest your goals dataset, simply click on the 3 dots ‘...’ and select ‘Replace file’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see ‘Add goals’ with my user profile?

There are 2 reasons why you’re not able to see Add goals as part of your profile:

  • You’re not an admin.

  • You’re not part of an access group who have “Viewer & Owner” rights to the main dataset.

If you would like to add goals to your dataset, please reach out to your organizational admin for them to set you up with the right permissions.

What happens if there are changes to the main dataset?

If there are changes to the main dataset, our recommendation is to review the goals mapping to ensure all the relevant columns are mapped correctly. A quick way of doing so is to re-ingest your goals dataset once more after the main dataset has been updated.

Only certain users are allowed to view goals data, not everyone. How do I set it up?

You would need to create 2 separate main datasets, one that’s linked to a goals dataset and one that is not. Manage the user's permission via Groups access to the correct main dataset accordingly.