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Dataset Requirements

Auto Insights connects to databases, and you can also upload flat files. The requirements and recommendations in the list below apply to both data upload methods.


  • At least 1 segment column (formatted as string/text).

  • Remove free text or unstructured data columns (data longer than 256 characters will be truncated)

  • Segment values (string data) can now contain any characters supported by Unicode/UTF-8 encoding.

  • Column names must...

    • Have no duplicates.

    • Be included as the first row of data.

    • Not contain the pipe “|” character.

    • Have no more than 128 characters.


In addition to the requirements, we recommend you use a dataset with:

  • At least 1 number column.

  • Data spanning at least 24 months.

  • At least 5 segment columns (formatted as string/text).

The recommendations are just suggestions. You can still use Auto Insights successfully if your data doesn't have these attributes.

Tips and Tricks

We've outlined a few tips and tricks that you can use to take your data from good to great. While the examples shown are in a CSV file, these tricks also apply if you connect Auto Insights to your database.

1. How to quickly re-format a date:

format a date

2. Sometimes data looks Auto Insights ready but isn't. This dataset has a few problems that you can quickly fix:


3. With these few quick changes, you can get insights from this data in Auto Insights in minutes: