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Multi-Column Formula Tool

Use Multi-Column Formula to create or update multiple columns using a single expression.


This tool has a One Tool Example. Visit Access Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Designer Cloud.

Configure the Tool

In the configuration window, select the columns to apply the formula to. Select columns individually or use Check All to select all columns. You can also use the dropdown that appears after you select the filter icon to select columns by data type.

  • Running a workflow can introduce new columns that were unknown at configuration time. Check Dynamic or Unknown Columns to include dynamic or new columns created after running a workflow.

  1. Select Create New Columns to create new columns for the data. Otherwise, select Overwrite Existing Columns.

    • If you are creating new columns, select a New Column Naming Method and enter a Prefix or Suffix for the new column header.

  2. Check Change Output Data Type to change the data type of the values in the column. Select a Data Type from the dropdown.

  3. To build an expression, enter text directly in the expression editor, or drag or double-click a variable to add it to the expression editor.

    • _CurrentColumn_: Uses the selected column in the function.

    • _CurrentColumnName_: Uses the name of the selected column in the function.

    • _CurrentColumnType_: Uses the data type of the selected column in the function.