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Append Columns Tool

Use Append Columns to append every row from a source dataset to every row of a target dataset. This operation is also known as a cross join.

The result is a Cartesian join. In a Cartesian join, every row from a table is joined to every row of another table. For example, if table A has 100 rows and table B has 1,000 rows, the Cartesian join of those 2 tables results in 100,000 rows.


In order to optimize your workflows to run more efficiently, the Append Columns tool restricts the sample size to show only 3 pairs for every match in the Results window. However, when you run your workflow or output your data, the entire dataset is used.


This tool has a One Tool Example. Visit Access Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Designer Cloud.

Connect Inputs

The Append Columns tool accepts 2 inputs:


Figure: Append Columns tool with 2 inputs.

  • T anchor (target): The larger data stream that rows are appended to.

  • S anchor (source): The smaller data stream that provides the rows that are added to the Target stream.

Configure the Tool

Use the table in the configuration window to modify the incoming data stream. Each row in the table represents a column in the data.

Select, Deselect, and Reorder Columns

To include a column in data, check the box next to the column name. Uncheck the box to exclude the column.

To reorder the columns of data...

  1. Select and hold the reorder icon, then drag the row up or down.

  2. Select to highlight a row, then use the Up and Down arrows to move the rows to a new location.


The Unknown column is selected by default. It allows new columns in the data. Move the column to the location where you want a new column to be.

Modify Data Type

To change the data type of a column, select Type, then select the new data type.

Rename a Column

  • To change the name of a column, select Rename and enter the new name.