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Workflow Transform Tools

Workflow Transform tools support a variety of transformations to your workflow data in Designer Cloud.

Workflow Transform Tools



Arrange Tool

Use Arrange to manually transpose and rearrange your columns for presentation purposes. Data is transformed so that each row is turned into multiple rows, and you can create new columns using column description data.

Count Rows Tool

Use Count Rows to return a count of the number of rows passing through the tool. Use this tool when you want to report on the resulting row count of a process. It even returns a count of zero which a Summarize tool does not do.

Cross Tab Tool

Use Cross Tab to pivot the orientation of data in a table by moving vertical columns onto a horizontal axis and summarizing data where specified.

Summarize Tool

Use Summarize to perform various actions (functions and calculations) on your data.

Transpose Tool

Use Transpose to pivot the orientation of a data table.

Weighted Average Tool

Use Weighted Average to calculate the weighted average of an incoming data column.