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Resampling for Designer Cloud

Designer Cloud workflows use a dataset that shows a 10MB sample of your full data in the Interactive Results Grid. Resampling, accessed through the tool configuration window, allows you to collect new sample data and manage different samples used in your workflow. You can resample data on all Designer Cloud tools.

To collect new sample data:

  1. Select the dropper icon in the tool configuration window header to open the Resampling tab. Inside the Resampling tab, the output anchors for the tool are shown, as well as the Current Sample and Available Samples for each output anchor.

    • Current Sample: The sample data that is currently being used by the tool.

    • Available Samples: The available samples you have already collected on this specific tool and output anchor.


    Samples are collected for each output anchor separately. Make sure you have selected the correct output anchor before collecting a new sample.

  2. Select New Sample.

  3. To collect a new sample, select Collect. The new sample will be a random, 10MB resample of your data. Note that when a new sample is collected, your workflow is rerun up to and including the current tool and could take several minutes to complete depending on the size of your workflow and data.

  4. You can watch the progress of your new sample collection from the Resampling tab under Available Samples.


    If at any time you change the tool configuration of an upstream tool, your downstream samples will be invalidated and your workflow will default to use the original sample data.

  5. To use new sample data you’ve collected, select Use Sample.

Your collected samples are stored between sessions. However, when you open a new session of Designer Cloud, you must reselect the sample you want to use for your workflow from the Available Samples list.