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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of dataset does Location Intelligence support?

    • GeoParquet files must first be created as a platform dataset. GeoParquet files containing multiple spatial columns are currently not supported.

    • Snowflake tables

    • CSV datasets

    • You can't add datasets larger than 1 GB to the project.

    • Large and complex datasets take time to load into the map.

  2. Why my Maps are not loading?

    • If the underlying map tile data cache has expired. You will experience latency the first time a layer renders on the map and loading the Location Intelligence app to view layers you have previously added.

  3. Can I style the layers in the map?

    • Layers can be styled on its numeric attributes. Equal interval distribution is calculated on the field values.

  4. Output Data

    • Data Analysis results automatically create a platform dataset in GeoParquet format.

  5. Does Location Intelligence support multiple languages?

    • Location Intelligence supports only the English language.