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Databricks Admin Page

Configure and provision Databricks workspaces for Alteryx Analytics Cloud (AAC) users.


Depending on your Databricks environment, you must first configure your base storage environment to S3 (AWS) or ADLS (Azure) and disable ADS before setting up Databricks workspaces. Go to Private Data Storage to learn more about each storage location.

Configure Databricks Workspaces

Create a connection to your Databricks workspace:

  1. From the Profile menu, select Admin Console.

  2. Select Databricks on the left side of the screen.

  3. Select + New Workspace on the upper-left corner of the page.

    1. Note that you can only create 1 Databricks workspace entry for each Databricks workspace that you have.

  4. Enter the workspace Service URL (for example,

  5. Enter the Personal Access Token (PAT) from Databricks. Learn how to generate your PAT.

  6. Note that AAC doesn’t store the PAT for admins. You will need to re-enter a PAT each time you make changes to the Databricks workspace configuration.

  7. Select Authenticate.

Databricks Specific Environments

Continue with these instructions for specific Databricks environments: