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OAuth 2.0 for Smartsheet

This section describes the steps to configure the Cloud Portal to integrate with your Smartsheet deployment using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate.

Create OAuth 2.0 Client App in Smartsheet

In Smartsheet you must create the connected app through which the Cloud Portal uses OAuth 2.0 to access and connect to your Smartsheet data.


  1. Log in to the Smartsheet account in which you want the OAuth 2.0 app to be created.

  2. Navigate to Account > Developer Tools > Create New App.

  3. In the Create New App form, enter the required information in the fields:

    1. App Name: The display name to identify your app.

    2. App description: A brief description of the app.

    3. App URL: The URL to use to launch your app.

    4. App contact/support: Any support information for the user.

    5. App redirect URL: Specify the URL in the following format, depending your project or workspace login:



    6. Logo: Upload a logo if desired.

  4. To save the client, click Save.

Create OAuth 2.0 Client for Smartsheet

In the Cloud Portal, the OAuth 2.0 client for Smartsheet is created for you.

Create SmartsheetConnection

After you have created the two OAuth 2.0 client references, you can create a connection to your Smartsheet data.


You must create a separate connection for each OAuth 2.0 client that is available in the Cloud Portal.

For more information, see Smartsheet Connections.