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Import a Table

You can import one or more tables from relational sources into the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.


When you import a file, the data is not stored in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. What you create is an imported dataset, which is simply a reference to the source of the data. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud never stores or modifies source data.


  • From the menubar, click Library for Data page.

  • In the Library for Data page, click Import Data.

  • From the left sidebar in the Import Data page, select the connection to the relational datastore where your data is located.

  • Browse the relational datastore to locate the table that you wish to import.


    You can select multiple tables from the database and add them.


    You must have read permissions on any database and table that you wish to import.

  • Create Dataset with SQL: You can apply a custom SQL statement to import from a database. For more information, see Create Dataset with SQL.

  • In the right panel, click Edit Settings to modify how the table or tables are imported.

    • The application's data types are applied to the table's columns during the import process. If needed, you can disable type inference, so that the data types of the original source are preserved, if possible, during import. For more information, see Disable Type Inference.

  • When you are ready to complete the import process.


    If present, you can click the Add to new flow checkbox, which adds the imported datasets to a new flow.

  • Your tables are available as imported datasets.

For more information, see Import Data Page.