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Release Notes for App Builder


App Builder is a new and evolving product available with the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. Functionality is subject to change without notice as we continue to refine and enhance your experience. We appreciate your understanding and welcome your feedback on Alteryx Community as we continue to improve App Builder!

App Builderis hosted in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. For more information on the underlying platform, see Release Notes for Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform

November 30, 2023

What's New

Undo and Redo Actions Now Available

Undo or Redo up to 10 changes with the Undo and Redo options in the Edit menu or through common keyboard shortcuts.

  • PC shortcuts: Ctrl + Z to undo an action and Ctrl + Y to redo an action.

  • Mac shortcuts: ⌘ + Z to undo an action and ⌘ + Y to redo an action.

  • A message will display alerting you that you have reached the limit once you have reverted or redone all changes or reached a maximum of 10 changes.

Improvements to Save Experience

Multiple enhancements were made to improve the save experience in App Builder:

  • An indicator now displays while you save an app.

  • The save button is disabled while a save is in progress and is reenabled when the save is finished.

  • When you hover over an application name, the tooltip shows when the last save occurred.

  • New keyboard shortcuts for save are now available: Alt + S for Windows users and Ctrl + S for Mac users.

October 18, 2023

What's New

Spacing Configuration for Design Elements

Custom spacing is available for all Display and Interactive workflow tools, as well as all Building Blocks, in App Builder. Change the spacing of your app elements in the Design tab. For more information on spacing, see Components in App Builder or Design Workflow Tools.

October 5, 2023

What's New

Application Publishing

App Creators can now publish an app to indicate it is ready for others to use.

  • A Creator in App Builder is able to develop Sandbox apps and promote a completed app to a published state. To publish an app for the first time or republish an app, select Publish.

    • Saved changes made in Sandbox apps do not appear in the published app until they are published.

    • Changes to the app can be made, tested, and reviewed with others before publishing or republishing the app.

    • Republishing an app replaces the published app with the most recent saved changes to the Sandbox app.

  • When an app is deleted, all versions of the app, either published or unpublished, are deleted.

  • You can specify a Customized Path for your app through publishing. The custom path updates both the sharing link and the iFrame URL link.

For more information on publishing apps, see App Builder User Interface.

September 1, 2023

What's New

Function Tool for App Builder

Use the new Function tool to create a new column of data that contains the result of a mathematical formula. You can use parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and concatenation operators in the function.

Tool Description Flyouts

When enabled, tool descriptions appear when you hover over a tool in the Orchestrate or Design lists or over the question mark in the tool configuration window. To enable tool descriptions, use the Tool Descriptions toggle in the View menu.

New and Updated Design Components

  • A new Spacer Building Block component is available on the Design tab. Use Spacer to create space between other elements in the application. See Components in App Builder for more details.

  • The Divider Building Block component has been updated to include new configurations for Stroke Width, Color, and updated Stroke Styles. See Components in App Builder for more details.

July 21, 2023

What's New

Interactive Results Grid for App Builder

View your data in App Builder in the Interactive Results Grid, located below the canvas. To view data, select a tool or anchor in the data flow. The data from the tool or anchor is displayed in the Results Grid.

June 27, 2023

What's New

Column to Column Comparison Added to Filter Tool

Column to Column comparison has been added to the Filter tool in App Builder. Now, you can filter by comparing columns in addition to looking at values in a column.

New Aggregate Tool Added to Logic Tool Category

A new Aggregate tool is available for Data Manipulation and contains a sub-set of functionality that are similar to the Designer Desktop Summarize tool. Use the Aggregate tool to calculate cumulative values from a dataset. See Aggregate tool for more information.

May 12, 2023

This is the initial set of release notes for App Builder.

Users with App Builder Creator role permissions can create, share and use apps in App Builder. Sharing requires access to all dependent resources, such as workflows and datasets.

What's New

Full Datasets from File-based Workflow Integration and Dataset Inputs

Creators can build applications with full file-based datasets from Designer Cloudworkflows or datasets from the Alteryx Analytics CloudLibrary, or use a combination of both.

Data Visualizations

Visualize data with interactive Area Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Scatterplots, and Tables.

Set Variables

Make workflows, datasets, and interface tools dynamic with a redesigned Variable experience.

Browser or Mobile

Access your finished application on any device with a browser.