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Key Measures and Segment Relevance

As part of Auto Insights' analysis, it calculates complex averages that might not be relevant to the business at times. As a dataset owner, you can customize the Key Measures and Segments to ensure only relevant metrics are shown.

  1. To select key measures, go to the Datasets tab.

  2. Select the three-dot icon > Edit settings for the dataset you want to edit.

  3. Select Key measures.

  4. Drag measures that are not relevant from the left panel to the right panel (Hidden Measures) and select Save.

Segment Data Relevancy

Auto Insights uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to determine factor importance automatically for any datasets. However, you can change the context and understanding of your dataset. > Set segments.

  1. To edit segment data relevancy, go to the Datasets tab, and select the three-dot icon for the dataset you want to edit. Select Edit settings.

  2. Select Set segments.

  3. Select the Measure from the dropdown, then select the segments that are relevant.

  4. Select Save.