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Alteryx Auto Insights on VPC

Understand the requirements for deploying Alteryx Auto Insights to a virtual private cloud (VPC) environment.

Virtual Machine (VM) Requirements

Deployment on client VPC requires a dedicated Virtual Machine (VM) to host Auto Insights. All components of Auto Insights are deployed to this VM.

Hardware Requirements

  • 16 CPU cores

  • 128 GB RAM

  • A minimum of 15GB storage for each of the following Linux mount paths:

    • / (root) - Used by the operating system.

    • /var - Used for storing logs and Docker containers and volumes (when installed with defaults set).

    • /opt - Used for storing the application config.

  • A minimum 100GB (500GB recommended) data disk, mounted at /data.

    • This disk is used for storing datasets and can be configured for Docker containers and volumes if desired.

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9


Required access to the Auto Insights VM:

  • Remote terminal access to the VM with sudo privileges for deployment, ongoing troubleshooting, and maintenance.

    • Examples may be PuTTY on a Virtual Desktop (Citrix Workspace, Amazon WorkSpaces, etc.) or SSH using a private key.

  • Web browser access to Auto Insights running in the VPC.

    • An example would be a web browser on a Virtual Desktop.

Further Application Requirements:

  • SSO details to set up Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • A domain name and a matching SSL certificate for the application.

    • Further details are under Network Requirements.

  • SMTP server credentials.

    • SMTP is used for sending emails to join Auto Insights, for password resets, and for automated insights subscriptions.

Cloud Providers

  • In AWS, we recommend an r4.4xlarge instance or above.

  • In Microsoft Azure, we recommend a Standard E16 instance or above.

  • In Google Cloud Platform, we recommend n2-highmem-16 or above.

Software Requirements

Minimum Software Requirements
  • Docker 23.0+

    • It is recommended to change the default Docker root directory from var/lib/docker to /data/docker. Our team can assist with this if required.

  • Ansible 2.11+

  • Python 3.7+ with pip

Docker Hub Images

The following images need to be pre-pulled from Docker Hub before installation.

  • MySQL 5.7 (mysql:5.7)

    • Once Docker is installed, this can be pulled with the command: docker pull

Network Requirements

Domain Name

A human-readable domain name within a domain familiar to your end-users (for example, should point to the Auto Insights VM, where the application will be exposed on port 443.

You will need to provide our team with an SSL Certificate for the nominated domain.

Firewall and Allowlist


All inbound access to the Auto Insights VM is via:

  • HTTP/HTTPS ports (80/443)


For maximum effectiveness, Auto Insights connects to additional resources on your VPC and the public internet at runtime.

Front-end runtime (from end-user workstations):





Event and usage tracking

Back-end runtime (from the Auto Insights VM):




Your nominated email server

Auto Insights requires access to the mail server (SMTP + IMAP) for sending emails to join Auto Insights, for password resets, and for automated insights subscriptions. We recommend creating a dedicated email account for Auto Insights.

Boomi (Case Portal)

Boomi is used to integrate with Alteryx Case Portal.


Slack is used for sending alerts when issues are detected in the environment.

Auto Insights Metrics API (Azure Function)

The Auto Insights Metrics API is used for license and usage tracking.

[optional] Azure OpenAI Service

United States


    • Location: East US


    • Location: East US

Australia: Available on request.

United Kingdom and Europe: Available on request.

If enabled, Magic Documents uses Azure OpenAI Service to generate dynamic content for presentations, emails and messages.


Auto Insights can ingest data from internal databases or warehouses. Depending on infrastructure policies, you may need to whitelist the Auto Insights VM access to the database or data warehouse. For a full list of supported databases, please refer to this list.

Network Requirements During Deployment

Auto Insights requires ongoing access to a few internet resources to install dependencies, deploy components and provide regular updates. Allowlist the following resources for Auto Insights VM to access:




Auto Insights Releases (S3 Bucket)

The Auto Insights Releases S3 Bucket is required for pulling Ansible playbooks used for the deployment of Auto Insights.

Amazon ECR




Amazon ECR is required for pulling Auto Insights container images from our private repository.







Dockerhub is required for pulling Auto Insights container images from our private repository.





PyPI is required for the installation of third-party Python packages used by Ansible during the deployment process.

Auto Insights Auto Deployment Scheduler (AWS Lambda Function)

The Auto Insights Auto Deployment Scheduler is used to remotely trigger deployments of Auto Insights.

In the event that you can't add listed resources to your allowlist, a proxy-based approach could work.

Docker Connectivity

Please perform a docker pull mysql:5.7 to ensure the successful network connectivity of the docker daemon.

If you are using a proxy then add this configuration to /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/http-proxy.conf:

Environment "HTTP_PROXY="

After changing the configuration, restart the docker daemon.

View Docker Proxy information with:

docker info | grep Proxy
HTTP Proxy:
HTTPS Proxy: