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Admin Portal

Admin Portal Pages

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Overview Page

Overview table displays:

  • Username and Email Details

  • Which datasets users can access.

  • Which Groups users belong to (rollover group icon to reveal detail).


Left menu: Shows a list of all groups the user can access. At the bottom of the menu, select +Create new group.

The Group overview pane on the right shows the selected Group Name, then its Members

and Assigned Datasets.

Use +Add New Member to add a member to a group.

Use +Assign Access to Dataset to manage access to datasets.


The left menu displays a list of usernames. The Detail pane displays user details.


Left menu: Lists all the datasets that the user has access to.

The dataset overview pane on the right displays the name of the selected dataset, and then:

1. A snapshot of data ingestion progress.

2. A panel to upload/display the Dataset Guide PDF.

3. Access Overview showing a summary of groups with access to the dataset.

User Access

Select sign-up mode and set up single sign-on.

Feature Access

Enable and Disable specific features for your company.*

*This tab only shows when features that can be enabled or disabled are released for your company.

Admin Portal Access Levels

When you’re logged into the Admin Portal, your role type is displayed next to your login name at the top right.