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User Management and Administration Authentication

Provision Users

Auto Insights user accounts can be provisioned via the Auto Insights Admin Console. This can be performed by a Super Admin User (typically Auto Insights staff) or Organization Admin User (named client individuals). Learn more in the Invite New User article.

Once an Organization Admin Account is created the ongoing process for user access provisioning (to assign or revoke access rights) is handled by this user.

Ongoing review of the security permissions across users, groups, and datasets is also the responsibility of the Organisation Admin user.

User Authentication

Auto Insights supports two primary mechanisms for user authentication

  • Locally administered user accounts: Users authenticate to Auto Insights using basic authentication secured under HTTPS. JSON Web Token standard ( is used internally to secure the ongoing user session.

  • User accounts and passwords are administered through the Auto Insights Admin Portal. A role-based access control (RBAC) model is used to provide authorized users access to individual resources (for example data sets).