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Magic Documents

Use Magic Documents to effortlessly create your first draft emails, messages, and presentations. Auto Insights' Magic Documents use Generative AI to...

  • Convert the key findings of Missions into your first draft.

  • Tailor the communication to your audience and align it with your objective.

  • Ask for recommendations to suggest to your stakeholders and team members.


This feature has to be turned on by an Org Admin.

To turn on this feature for your company...

  1. Go to your avatar in the top right corner, and select Admin Portal. Make sure you are an Org Admin. When you’re logged into the Admin Portal, your role type is displayed next to your name in the top right corner.

  2. Select Feature Access.

  3. Turn on the toggle next to Magic Documents.


  1. To create a magic document, go to any Mission and select Magic Documents. Get started right away if this is the first magic document for the Mission, or select + New document.

    Magic Document Button
  2. Select how you want to present your Mission story. Options are Presentation, Email, and Message.

  3. Enter or select your audience.

  4. Finally, select the generate button.

Presentation Tip

To provide more context to Magic Documents, give your Mission pages customized names (for example, Weekly Sales for APAC by Teams).

Note on Charts

Not every slide in the presentation has a chart. Charts are not displayed at all in the generated email or message.


Magic documents are easy to edit:

  1. To edit, select the Pencil icon.

    Pencil icon
  2. These fields are available to edit:

    1. Medium: Select Presentation, Email, or Message.

    2. Length: Adjust how many slides you want for a presentation, or how many characters you want in an email or message. For optimal outcomes in presentations, we suggest you let Magic Documents determine the length of the presentation.

    3. Audience: Enter a new audience.

    4. Objective: Add an objective to set the purpose.

    5. AI-generated business recommendations: Choose to include or exclude.

    6. Topic: Add your topic to get a more focused result.

    7. Language: Select a language to translate your document.

    8. Tone of voice: Enter tone to add character.

  3. Select Save and regenerate.

Presentation Tip

You can customize the PPT templates after you download the presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint or similar. Go to Microsoft’s article Apply a Template to an Existing Presentation article for more information.


When a Mission or dataset is updated, you are notified that your Magic Document is out of date. To update, select Regenerate document.

Regenerate document button


To delete a magic document, select the trash can icon, then select Delete document. You can't recover deleted documents.

Trash can icon


What technology powers Magic Documents and how does it work?

Magic Documents is an Auto Insights feature that uses generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate dynamic content. Magic Documents work by connecting to Open AI via the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. An API call is executed each time an Auto Insights user selects Generate, resulting in content generation.

Read more about the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Open AI Service, including the FAQ.

What if my company doesn't want employees to use or send data to generative AI tools?

The Organization Admin can enable and disable the feature in the Admin Portal under the Feature Access tab. For information on how Magic Documents uses your data, go to the Usage of Magic Documents and Data Security article.

What happens to Magic Documents I’ve created if my company decides to disable the feature?

Auto Insights keeps the documents. If the feature gets enabled again the documents will be visible to the users who initially created them.

How much does it cost to use Magic Documents?

Nothing. It’s included as part of AAI services. So there is no extra setup required by you.

Do I have to bring my API key?

No, you do not.