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Schedule Missions

Create a Subscription (Schedule)

A schedule is a way to receive scheduled updates of a Mission via email at a fixed reporting frequency (for example, 1st Monday of each month). Mission Viewers, Editors, and Owners can create a schedule. It's also a great way to share your Mission.

To create a schedule...

  1. Go to your Mission and select Subscribe > + Create new subscription.

    Subscribe button
  2. Enter a Subscription schedule name or leave the auto-filled name.

  3. Enter a Delivery time. There can only be a single day and time selection for each schedule. If you want to have email updates 2 times a week, set up 2 separate schedules. The default timezone is based on your location.

  4. As the creator, you are automatically subscribed. Search for a name or email address to add other users to the subscription.

  5. Select Create subscription.

Delete or edit a schedule?

Mission Editors and Owners can delete or edit a schedule. Make sure there are no users subscribed to the schedule before you delete it.

To delete a schedule, select Subscribe, then select the trashcan icon.

Delete a schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can subscribe?

Users that have an Auto Insights account in the same Organisation. Everyone can subscribe and unsubscribe to an existing schedule. The person who created the schedule is the owner of the schedule and can add or delete subscribers.

How do I unsubscribe?

Select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your summary email.

Unsubscribe link in email

The link takes you to the Mission Summary page. Select Subscribe, then select the minus icon.

Unsubscribe myself window

Why can't I add my colleague to the schedule I created?

Ensure that your colleagues have an Auto Insights account. Refer to the 'Sharing' section of this article to learn how to share your mission with others.

Can a Mission have more than 1 schedule?

Yes, you can have multiple schedules for different stakeholder groups at different frequencies.

What happens if the Mission is deleted?

If a mission is deleted, all schedules tagged to that Mission get deleted as well.

Can I set permissions for a schedule?

Row-based permission does not currently apply for subscriptions.

What are the supported email clients?

We support Outlook Desktop 2016 and newer, Outlook 365, Outlook Browser, and Gmail.

Can a schedule be sent on the same day it is created?

Yes, any schedule that is set for the day itself should be set before the time the schedule is created.

This means that if the current time is 3 PM, and the schedule is set for 4 PM, it will be created. But, if the current time is 5 PM and the schedule is set for 4 PM, the schedule is only triggered the following day at 4 PM.

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