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Revenue Performance Use Case

Alteryx Auto Insights can help finance teams monitor and analyze revenue performance, maximize profitability and uncover new opportunities. 

This article covers:

  • Example insights from Alteryx Auto Insights for this use case.

  • Recommended data structure to load into Alteryx Auto Insights for this use case.

Who Are the Typical Creators and Viewers of This Use Case?
  • Creators–Data Analysts, Business Analysts

  • Viewers–Team Leaders, Account Managers, Finance Managers, Channel Partners, Relationship Managers, Chief Revenue Officers, Cheif Financial Officers

What Sort of Insights Can Alteryx Auto Insights Help Me Uncover?

We've outlined some example questions that Alteryx Auto Insights can help answer through a combination of its proactive insights, Search, and What caused this? analysis:

Analyze Revenue, Team, and Product Performance
  • Revenue by product category?

  • Monthly percentage growth of profit by the sales office?

  • Worst performing sales offices for Q1 FY21?

  • Highest revenue by account manager last month?

Maximize Profitability
  • Best performing products for FY19?

  • Worst performing products for Q1 FY20?

  • Profit by country and product?

  • Worst performing channel?

  • Quarter-on-quarter profit compared to the previous comparable period for Q1 FY20?

Uncover New Opportunities
  • Growth by channel last quarter?

  • Best performing product category month on month?

  • Profit by channel and product category?

  • Percentage growth for revenue by product name last financial year?

How Do I Structure My Data for Alteryx Auto Insights?
  • Alteryx Auto Insights requires structured, transactional data, with at least 1 measure (e.g. profit) and 5 segments (e.g. product names). In addition, we recommend at least 7 months of data (at monthly or daily granularity) so you can take full advantage of Alteryx Auto Insights' Unexpected Changes feature.

  • Alteryx Auto Insights can connect to databases and .csv files. For this type of use case, we recommend a direct database connection.

Example Data structure

Right-click and 'open image in new tab' to expand the view.


Here are some of the typical segments we find in revenue data used in Alteryx Auto Insights. A segment is a qualitative value, like names or categories:

  • Customer attributes–Customer name, salesperson name, customer size, etc.

  • Product characteristics–Product category, product sub-category, product type, product name, etc. 

  • Other attributes–Channel, sales office location (in natural language, e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, etc.)


A measure is a quantitative, numeric value. Some of the typical measures used in Alteryx Auto Insights include profit, revenue, margin, and quantity sold.