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Connectivity Terms

Terminology applicable to Designer Cloud.


This list is not comprehensive.

Connect string options

When you create a connection to a datastore, you may be able to specify a set of one or more options, which are appended to the connection string passed to the datastore for access. Connect string options are specified as part of the definition of each connection object within the Trifacta Application.

Early Preview

Provide early access (read-only) to use the new connection types to work with the data in your connected datastores.

Long loading

Long loading refers to the process by which large datasets can be asynchronously loaded into Trifacta Application. From relational sources or sources that require conversion, larger datasets can be queued for loading and conversion for use. While these datasets are being loaded, you can continue to use the Trifacta Application for other tasks.

OAuth 2.0

This industry-standard framework enables Trifacta Application to connect to third-party datastores using an app-and-client model.

SSH tunneling

For some relational connections, you can configure the Trifacta Application to use SSH tunneling for some connection types.