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OAuth 2.0 for Xero

This section describes the steps to configure the Trifacta Application to integrate with your Xero deployment using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate.

Create OAuth 2.0 Client App in Xero

In Xero, you must create the client app that the Trifacta Application uses OAuth 2.0 to access and connect to your Xero data.


  1. Log in to Xero account where you want the OAuth 2.0 app to be created.

  2. Navigate to MyApps > New app.

  3. Enter the following details:

    1. Select Web app.

    2. Enter the required information on the available fields.

    3. Specify the URL in the following format, depending your project or workspace login:



  4. To create the app, click Create app.

  5. Enter the required information to create the connected app.

  6. Acquire the following information, which is required for creating the connection in the Trifacta Application:

    1. Organization Name: If you have a preferred organization name to use, please acquire it.

    2. Xero API: The following APIs are supported:

      1. ACCOUNTING (default)

      2. ASSETS


      4. FILES

      5. PROJECTS

Create OAuth 2.0 Client for Xero

In the Trifacta Application, the OAuth 2.0 client for Xero is created for you.

Create Xero Connection

After you have created the OAuth 2.0 client, you can create a connection to your Xero data.

For more information, see Xero Connections.