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Snowflake JDBC Connections


This connection type is disabled by default. For more information on enabling this connection type, please contact, Alteryx Support.


This feature may not be available in all product editions. For more information on available features, see Compare Editions.

You can create connections through the Trifacta Application to a Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) database, which provides column-oriented in-memory data storage, processing, analytic solutions.

  • Supports Basic credentials type.

  • Supports custom queries.

  • Uses native JDBC driver.


This connection type can be used to connect to Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) instances hosted in Azure.



This connection type provides direct JDBC connections to specific snowflake databases. It does not enable staging of data for storage in a Snowflake data warehouse. For more information, see Snowflake Connections.


During normal selection or import of an entire table, you may encounter an error indicating a problem with a specific column. Since some tables require filtering based on a particular column, data from them can only be ingested using custom SQL statements. In this case, the problematic column can be used as a filter in the WHERE clause of a custom SQL statement to ingest the table.

  • For more information, please consult the CData driver documentation for the specific table.

  • For more information on using custom SQL, see Create Dataset with SQL.


For filtering date columns, this connection type supports a set of literal functions on dates. You can use these to reduce the volume of data extracted from the database using a custom SQL query. For more information, see the pg_dateliteralfunctions.htm page in the driver documentation for this connection type.

  • Read-only

Create Connection

via Designer Cloud application

When you create the connection, please review the following properties and specify them accordingly:




The name of the Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) database to which to connect.


The name of the warehouse to use when connected. This value can be an empty string.

If specified, the warehouse should be an existing warehouse for which the default role has privileges.


Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) account to use. Suppose your hostname is the following:

Your account name is the following:



Your full account name might include additional segments that identify the region and cloud platform where your account is hosted.

Connect String Options

Add any connection string options as needed.


Database username.


Password for the database username.

For more information, see Create Connection Window.

Connect String Options

For more information on the available connection string options, see

Create Connection via API

"vendor": "snowflake_jdbc",
"vendorName": "Snowflake (Private Preview)",
"type": "jdbc"

Driver information

For more information, see the driver documentation

Using Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview)

Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) data can be explored like a database. For more information, see Using Databases.

Test and Use


  1. You can import datasets from Snowflake JDBC (Private Preview) through the Import Data page. For more information, see Import Data Page.

  2. Perform a few simple transformations to the data. Run the job. For more information, see Transformer Page.

  3. Verify the results.