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Manage Parameters Dialog for Plans

You can specify parameter overrides within your plans. Parameters are available for modification at the plan level, and their values or overrides are applied during plan runs.


This feature may not be available in all product editions. For more information on available features, see Compare Editions.


Figure: Manage Parameters Dialog for Plans

In the Manage Parameters dialog, you can review the parameters that are defined for within the assets that are part of your plan.


You cannot create parameters through Plan View. You must create the parameters within the assets that are part of your plan. After they are created, they are available for overrides through Plan View.


In a plan, parameters and their overrides apply only to the flow task from where they are sourced. They do not apply to other flow tasks. They do not apply back to the source flows.


To pass a flow parameter value from one recipe to another, you can insert the parameter value in a column in a recipe, export the results as a reference dataset, and then ingest that reference into another flow.


  • Parameter: The name of the parameter

  • From: The source in your plan for the parameter

  • Created in: The asset in the source where the parameter is defined

  • Value: The current value for the parameter


To override the inherited value for the parameter, click the Pencil icon. Then, click Save. Whenever the corresponding task within this plan is executed, the override value is used to replace the parameter value and any overrides defined in the source.