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Application Terms

Terminology applicable to Dataprep by Trifacta.


This list is not comprehensive.

These terms apply to the Trifacta Application, a web-based application for interacting with your datasets, flows, and recipes.


The main panel of Flow View where you can add, arrange, and remove flow objects. See Flow View Page.Plan View also contains a canvas area. See Plan View Page.

Cluster Clean

Standardize values in a column by clustering similar values together. See Overview of Cluster Clean.

Column By Example

Creates a new column of data by providing example values from an existing column. See Overview of TBE.

Column Browser panel

Review sampled data across multiple columns through the column browser. You can also use the Column Browser panel to toggle the display of individual columns. See Column Browser Panel.

Column Details panel

Examine details and profile of the data of a selected column. See Column Details Panel.

Column menu

Perform transformation operations on the selected column from a list of menu options, including changing the column data type. See Column Menus.

Column histogram

At the top of the column, review the counts of values in the column. Select one or more values in the column through the histogram. See Column Histograms.

Connections page

Create or edit connections to external storage. See Connections Page.

Data Grid

In the Transformer page, the data grid displays a sample of the dataset at the currently selected step in the recipe. Make selections in the dataset to prompt suggestions for transformations to add to your recipe. See Data Grid Panel.

Data Quality bars

Review color-coded counts of valid, missing, and mismatched values in your column based on the column's data type. Select a color bar to be prompted with suggestions for transformations on the relevant rows. See Data Quality Bars.

Data Quality Rules panel

In the Data Quality Rules panel, you can build pass/fail rules to test the quality of your data. These rules can be used to assess general data quality or to test the applicability of the values to your use case. For more information, see Data Quality Rules Panel.

Data Type menu

Change the data type for the column from the icon to the left of the column header. See Column Menus.

Dataset Details page

Examine details about your dataset, including source of data and other information. See Dataset Details Page.

email notifications

By default, the Trifacta Application sends notifications to users on the success or failure of their jobs and plans. The delivery of these notifications can be disabled as needed. See Email Notifications Page.

Flag for Review

The Flag for review feature enables flow users to flag recipe steps for others to review, provide inputs, and sign off on the changes before jobs are permitted to execute. See Flag for Review.

Flows page

Create, manage, and export your flows. See Flows Page.

Flow View page

Build your flow objects, including recipes, outputs, and references. See Flow View Page.

Home page

Landing page after login. See Home Page.

Import Data page

Import data from a valid connection as an imported dataset. See Import Data Page.

Library for Data page

Manage your imported datasets and reference objects. See Library for Data Page.

Job Details page

Review the details of your job, including an optional profile of the resulting data. See Job Details Page.

Job History page

Review the list of jobs that you have launched. View status, explore job details, and export results. See Job History Page.

Job monitoring

Job monitoring enables users of the Trifacta Application to monitor job progress through each phase of its execution. See Overview of Job Monitoring.

Plan View

Plan View page enables you to build, arrange, and execute a sequence of one or more tasks in an orchestrated plan. Plans can be scheduled for execution or run on an ad-hoc basis. See Plan View Page.

Product edition

A product edition is a set of features and limits on resources applied to your workspace. Depending your account, the same product edition can be applied across multiple workspaces. See Product Editions.

Recipe panel

Add, edit, and remove steps from your current recipe. Apply changes and see updates immediately in the data grid sample.

Run Job page

Configure job, visual profiling, and job outputs before launching. See Run Job Page.

Samples panel

Review, create, and delete samples for the current recipe.

Sample Jobs page

Review status of all samples that you have initiated. Administrators can access the samples of all users. For more information, see Sample Jobs Page.


Feature that enables automated execution of flows according to user-defined schedules. See Overview of Scheduling.

Search panel

Search for transformations to build as the next step in your recipe. See Search Panel.

Settings page

Review and modify settings. See Preferences Page.

Selection Details panel

Based on selections you make in the data grid, you can review profiling information and a set of suggested transformations to add to your recipe. See Selection Details Panel.

Target schema mapping

Feature that enables matching of columns and data types of your dataset with a pre-defined target schema.

Transformer toolbar

Select from common transformations in a toolbar across the top of the data grid. See Transformer Toolbar.

Transform Builder

Review and customize transformation steps. See Transform Builder.

Transformer page

Review sampled data, explore suggestions and previews, and build transformation steps. See Transformer Page.

User Profile page

Review and modify settings applicable to your user account. See User Profile Page.

Visible Columns panel

Review and toggle the visibility of the columns in your dataset. See Visible Columns Panel.