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Macro Details Page

Through the Macro Details Page, you can review details about an individual macro. In the Macros page, click the name of the macro to review.


To modify the macro name and description, click Edit.


You can also modify the name, description, and default values for the macro's inputs.

Context menu:

  • Export: Export the macro to your local desktop. See Export Macro.

  • Transfer ownership: (Available to owner or admin only) Transfer ownership of this asset to another user.


    After a macro is transferred, the original owner no longer has collaborator access to the macro, since macros cannot be shared.

    See Transfer Asset Ownership.

  • Delete: Delete the macro.


    When a macro is deleted, in any recipe that references it, the macro's steps are expanded into regular recipe steps. Any macro inputs are applied as static values in the expanded recipe steps.


    Deleting a macro cannot be undone.

Overview Tab

In the Overview tab, you can review the steps in the macro.


Figure: Macro Detail Page - Overview tab

  • Steps are displayed in raw Wrangle.

  • You can review creation and update timestamps.

Used In Tab

In the Used In tab, you can review all of the recipes and flows where the macro is referenced.


Figure: Macro Detail Page - Used In tab

  • Click the name of the recipe or flow to open the flow.