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Configure for EC2 Role-Based Authentication

When you are running the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform on an EC2 instance, you can leverage your enterprise IAM roles to manage permissions on the instance for the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform. When this type of authentication is enabled, Alteryx administrators can apply a role to the EC2 instance where the platform is running. That role's permissions apply to all users of the platform.

IAM roles

Before you begin, your IAM roles should be defined and attached to the associated EC2 instance.


The IAM instance role used for S3 access should have access to resources at the bucket level.

For more information, see

AWS System Mode

To enable role-based instance authentication, the following parameter must be enabled.

"aws.mode": "system",

Additional AWS Configuration

The following additional parameters must be specified:




Set this value to instance. IAM instance role is used for providing access.


Set this value to true for CDH. The class information is provided below.

Shared instance provider class information

Pre-Cloudera 6.0.0:


Cloudera 6.0.0 and later:

Set the above parameters as follows:

"aws.credentialProvider": "instance",
"aws.hadoopFSUseSharedInstanceProvider": false,

Use of S3 Sources

To access S3 for storage, additional configuration for S3 may be required.


Do not configure the properties that apply to user mode.

Output sizing recommendations:

For more information, see S3 Access.