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API Documentation Versions

Depending on where you access the API documentation, you may be presented different sets of available endpoints for the following reasons.

API Reference Docs


At, you can select the API reference documentation for your product edition. When selected, you can review all possible API endpoints and methods that are supported in your product edition.

This portal is available on the public Internet.


Review this content to see what is possible for your product edition.

API Deployment Docs

Location: In the Trifacta Application, select Resources menu > API documentation.

This instance of the API documentation filters the preceding API reference documentation based on the following:

  • Features that are enabled or disabled in your Alteryx deployment

  • Endpoints that are accessible based on your API access token

  • Any roles that may be applicable to your user account

This portal is available only for registered users of the workspace from which it is accessed.


Review this version to see the API endpoints that you can use with your current account in your specific Alteryx deployment.