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Create Admin Account

You can create additional administrator accounts to the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform using one of the following methods.

Default admin account

When the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform is installed, a default admin account is created for you. For licensing purposes, this account is counted as a valid user.


The password for the default admin account should be changed as soon as you have access to the application. See Change Admin Password.


Do not delete the default admin account. To ensure that there is always one admin account that is accessible, this account is automatically recreated if you delete it.


Since this account cannot be mapped to a valid email address within a customer domain, it cannot be used in an SSO environment.

Create admin accounts


  1. Login using another admin account.

  2. Create the account normally. See Create User Account.

  3. Select User menu > Admin console > Users.

  4. For the newly created user, select Edit from the user's context menu.

  5. Admin roles:

    1. To enable administration of workspace users, roles and other settings, select Workspace admin from the Roles drop-down.

    2. To enable administration of platform settings, click the Platform admin checkbox.

  6. Save changes.

  7. Login to the account and verify that the Admin console pages are available.

Create admin account outside the UI

If you do not have access to an admin account through the application, you can create admin accounts for users from the Trifacta node using the webapp/bin/ensure-user command.

Without SSO

If Single Sign-On (SSO) is not enabled, use the following command:

<install_dir>/webapp/bin/ensure-user --admin "<FirstName LastName>" <e-mail> <password>
With SSO

If the enviroment uses SSO, the following command can create the admin user based on an Active Directory login:

<install_dir>/webapp/bin/ensure-user --admin "<FirstName LastName>" <e-mail> <password> <AD_LOGIN>


<AD_LOGIN> is the active directory login for the user.