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Oracle Database Connections

You can create connections to one or more Oracle Database from the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform.


You can create connections to databases of this type that are managed by your enterprise or are hosted in cloud infrastructure. The required configuration is the same. The cloud-based version is labeled on Amazon RDS. In the Create Connection dialog, you can search for that term.


You cannot disable type inference for Oracle sources. This is a known issue.

Supported Versions:

Supported Environments:


Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition


Microsoft Azure




Not supported







Dots (.) in the names of Oracle tables or table columns are not supported.

  • If you haven't done so already, you must create and deploy an encryption key file for the Trifacta node to be shared by all relational connections. For more information, see Create Encryption Key File.


If you are connecting to the Oracle Databaseusing SSL, additional configuration is required in Oracle Database.

The Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform supports the use of the following SSL ciphers to communicate with Oracle Database:


For more information, please see the documentation that is provided with your Oracle distribution.


To create this connection:

  • In the Import Data page, click the Plus sign. Then, select the Relational tab. Click the Oracle Database card.

  • You can also create connections through the Connections page. See Connections Page.

For additional details on creating an Oracle Database connection, see Relational Access.Modify the following properties as needed:




Enter your hostname. Example:


Set this value to 1521.

Connect String options

Please insert any connection options as a string here. See below.

Enable SSL

Select the option if the connection should use SSL.


Additional configuration may be required in the database server. For more information, please consult the documentation that was provided with the distribution.


Additional configuration is required. See Configure Data Service.

Service Name

Enter the name of the Oracle service.

User Name

(basic credential type only) Username to use to connect to the database.


(basic credential type only) Password associated with the above username.

Test Connection

After you have defined the connection credentials type, credentials, and connection string, you can validate those credentials.

Advanced options: Enable SSH Tunneling

This feature is not available.

Connection Name

Display name of the connection

Connection Description

Description of the connection, which appears in the application.

Connection URL

The properties that you provide are inserted into the following URL, which connects the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform to the connection:

Connect string options

The connect string options are optional. If non-standard connections are required, Oracle Database supports using tsnames format.

When the connect string options field is used:

  • The connect string options parameters are prepended with jdbc:oracle:thin:@.

  • The following fields are ignored from the form. These values must be specified as part of the tsnames :

    • Host

    • Port

    • Service

    • SSL

After you specify the connect string options, the generated connection URL is automatically prepended with the following protocol information. Do not add this to the connection URL or connect string options:


Examples are below.

Use SID:

If you are using a service identifier, instead of a service name, please specify your connection string options as follows:



If TCPS protocol is required, you can specify your connection string options as follows:


For more information, please see the documentation for the Oracle Database driver.

Driver Information

This connection uses the following driver:

Create via API

This connection can also be created using the API.

  • Type: jdbc

  • Vendor: oracle

For more information, see


For more information on common error messages, see

"Could not create dataset - Lexical error"

When you attempt to create a dataset with SQL from an Oracle database, you may receive an ORA error similar to the above. These queries may work in other database tools.


The solution is to apply aliasing impacted columns in your SQL query. For more information, see Supported SQL Syntax.


SQL Syntax

The following syntax requirements apply to this connection.

Object delimiter: double-quote

Example syntax:

Double quotes required around database and table names and not required around column names.

SELECT "column1","column2" FROM "databaseName"."tableName";

For more information on SQL in general, see Supported SQL Syntax.

Data Conversion

For more information on how values are converted during input and output with this database, see Oracle Data Type Conversions.