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References Page

A reference dataset is a link to a recipe's output, which can been added to other flows.


A reference dataset must be created from the context menu of a specific recipe. When added to another flow, a reference dataset is a read-only object.

For more information on creating reference datasets, see View for Reference Datasets.


Figure: References Page

To create a reference dataset, click the plus icon next to any recipe you want and select Create Reference Dataset. A reference dataset is created from the recipe asset.

You can filter the reference datasets based on the ownership of the datasets.

  • All: All reference datasets which you have access.

  • Owned by me: All reference datasets that you own.

  • Shared with me: All reference datasets that have been shared with you.


  • Name: Name of the reference dataset.

  • Owner: Owner of the reference dataset.

  • In flows: Count of flows where the reference dataset is used.

  • Source: Flow from which the reference dataset was created.

  • Last Updated: Timestamp when the reference dataset was modified.


  • Browse: If displayed, use the page browsing controls to explore the available objects.

  • Search: To search object names, enter a string in the search bar. Results are highlighted immediately in the page.

  • Sort: Click a column header to sort the display by the column's entries.

Context menu options:


The context menu options vary based on the ownership of the datasets.

  • Preview: Inspect a preview of the dataset.


    Preview is not available for binary format sources.

  • Add to Flow: Add the dataset to a new or existing flow.

  • Edit name and description: Change the name and description of the dataset.

  • Delete Reference Dataset: Delete the dataset.


    Deleting a reference dataset causes all references to it to be broken in the flows where it had been added. These broken references should be fixed by swapping in new sources.