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Home Page

From the Home page, you can create or access your flows, datasets, and jobs, as well as configure settings and find additional resources.


Click the logo at the top of the menu bar to return to the Home page.


Figure: Home Page

From the Home page, you can quickly access your recent activities in Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition or jump to creating flows and importing datasets.


When keyboard shortcuts are enabled, press ? in the application to see the available shortcuts. Individual users must enable them. See User Profile Page.

  • Import Data: Import new datasets into Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition. See Import Data Page.

  • Create Flow: Create a new flow to hold your datasets. See Create Flow Page.


Use the controls on the left side of the screen to access other areas of the application. For more information, see Menu Bar below.

Recently Updated

Access the flows that have been recently changed. Click the flow name to open it. See Flow View Page.


When an object within a flow has been changed, its timestamp here is updated, so the Home page becomes an easy location where you can monitor changes to the flows to which you have access. Monitored changes include editing a recipe or adding or removing datasets.


  • View more: See all of your flows.

  • For more information on these options, see Flows Page.

Recent Runs

Recent jobs:

Review jobs that you have been recently queued or completed in Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition.

  • Click a job ID to view its details. See Job Details Page.

  • Click the name of the flow to open it. See Flow View Page.

  • Click the name of a recipe to select it in Flow View.

Recent Runs:

Use the links to explore recent plan runs that have been queued or completed. For more information, see Plan Runs Page.


  • Cancel job: If present, you can cancel a job in progress.


    Some jobs cannot be canceled through the Trifacta Application.

  • View more: See all of your jobs.

  • For more information on these options, see Job History Page.


Use the links on the right to explore available resources for Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition.

Left Nav Bar

From the left side of the screen, you can access the top-level pages of the Trifacta Application.


Use the Flows page to create and manage your flows.


Use the Plans page to build sequences of tasks that are executed based upon triggers that you create. See Plans Page.


From the Library page, you create and manage your datasets. See Library Page.

  • You can import datasets to begin creating your transformations. See Import Data Page.

  • Click the linked name of a dataset to transform the data. See Transformer Page.


Connections enable you to import datasets for use in your flows. Depending on the type of connection, they can also be used for writing or publishing data back to the datastore.


This option appears only if connectivity must be enabled in your environment.

For more information on creating and editing connections to your data, see Connections Page.

Job history

After you finish building your transformation recipe, you can run jobs to execute the recipe against your dataset. The Job History page shows status and history of your jobs. See Job History Page.You can also review any plan runs that you have executed. See Plan Runs Page.


Administrators can review, toggle availability, and delete any schedule in the deployment.


This page is available to administrators only.

See Schedules Page.

User menu

Under the User icon, you can modify settings specific to your account.


Review preferences for your account and other settings. See Preferences Page.

Admin console

Review and modify settings and users for your workspace. See Admin Console.


Select Support to chat with our support team.

Resources menu

Access help resources, including documentation, training, and more.

  • Help center: Search for answers to your questions.

  • Tutorial video: Review a tutorial video for how to get started with Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta Enterprise Edition.

  • Community: Explore the online community.

  • Documentation: Access online product documentation.

  • API documentation: Access reference documentation for available endpoints and methods.

    • For additional information on API tasks and other API-related content, see API Reference.

  • Training & certification: Explore the training programs and certifications available through Alteryx Academy. Wrangler certification is free.

  • About: Review information about the product, build number, and licensing information.


    You can acquire the name of your product edition from the About screen.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Review available keyboard shortcuts for the Trifacta Application.

Expand/Collapse menu

Click the icon at the bottom of the left nav bar to expand or collapse the bar.