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Hive Table Settings

When publishing to Hive, please complete the following steps to configure the table and settings to apply to the publish action through the Run Job page.


Some Alteryx data types may be exported to Hive using different data types. For more information on how types are exported to Hive, see Hive Data Type Conversions.


  1. Select location: Navigate the Hive browser to select the database and table to which to publish.

    1. To create a new table, click Create a new table.

  2. Select table options:

    1. Table name:

      1. New table: enter a name for it. You may use a pre-existing table name, and schema checks are performed against it.

      2. Existing table: you cannot modify the name.

    2. Output database: To change the database to which you are publishing, click the Hive icon in the sidebar. Select a different database.


      You cannot publish to a Hive database that is empty. The database must contain at least one table.

    3. Publish actions: Select one of the following.


      If you are writing to unmanaged tables in Hive, create and drop & load actions are not supported.

      1. Create new table every run: Each run generates a new table with a timestamp appended to the name.

      2. Append to this table every run: Each run adds any new results to the end of the table.


        Optionally, users can be permitted to publish to Hive staging schemas to which they do not have full create and drop permissions. This feature must be enabled. For more information, see Configure for Hive.

        When enabled, the name of the staging DB must be inserted into your user profile. See User Profile Page.

      3. Truncate the table every run: With each run, all data in the table is truncated and replaced with any new results.

      4. Drop the table every run: With each run, the table is dropped (deleted), and all data is deleted. A new table with the same name is created, and any new results are added to it.

  3. To save the publishing action, click Add.