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Disable Type Inference

When the Alteryx Analytics Cloud creates an imported dataset from a schematized source, the product applies its own type inferencing to the columns of the imported data. Type inferencing may be reapplied during some operations, such as the creation of samples or when data reshaping transformations are applied in the Transformer page.

If preferred, you can disable this type inferencing on the columns of your imported dataset. When the data is imported, the original types from the source system remain. Any types that do not have a corresponding match with the Alteryx data types must be manually typed in the application. You can use the following steps to disable type inference applied to a specific file during the import process.


If you have already imported the dataset and need to change this setting, you can re-import the source and change the settings. In any locations where the previously imported version of this dataset is used, you can update references to use this new version. this newly imported version.


  1. After you have selected or specified the relational table to import in the Import Data page, click Edit Settings for the dataset card in the right panel.

  2. Deselect the Infer column data types checkbox.

  3. Continue the import process.