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The following applications can be enabled for use in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

Application Name


image-2023-5-15_16-56-44.png AUTO INSIGHTS

Auto Insights enables you to uncover root cause explanations for your business results in minutes. Share your intuitive data story with anyone. Make better, faster decisions at-scale. See Auto Insights.

image-2023-5-15_16-50-30.png APP BUILDER

App Builder enables you to easily build applications on a cloud-native platform, as well as connect to your existing workflows and recipes built in Designer Cloud. See App Builder.

image-2023-5-15_16-49-14.png MACHINE LEARNING

Build predictive models from your ingested data with AlteryxMachine Learning for faster, better analysis. See Machine Learning.

image-2023-5-15_16-47-25.png PLANS

A plan enables the execution of a sequence of discrete tasks in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. These tasks can be transformation execution jobs, HTTP requests to other platforms, and much more. The sequence of tasks can be gated based on success or failure criteria and can be restarted if needed where the plan failed. See Plans.

image-2023-5-15_16-49-56.png REPORTING

Easily create and export reports from the data you’ve prepped and blended with Reporting. See Reporting.