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Alteryx Analytics Cloud


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The App Switcher enables you to switch between the applications and experiences that you have available in the Alteryx® Analytics Cloud.

Figure: App Switcher

The licensed applications in your workspace can be selected. 

NOTE: You may not have access to some applications and services available in the left navigation bar. For access, please contact your workspace administrator.

Alteryx Cloud

The Alteryx Analytics Cloud hosts all of your Alteryx applications and experiences.

Designer Cloud

Depending on the type of experience that has been enabled in your workspace, you may see one or both of the following options.

NOTE: A workspace administrator can specify which experience or experiences are available. See Workspace Settings Page.

Designer Experience

Designer Cloud  is an open and interactive cloud platform for data engineers and analysts to collaboratively profile, prepare, and pipeline data for analytics and Machine learning.

Tip: The primary container for data and assets is the workflow.

For more information, see Designer Experience.

Trifacta Classic 

Trifacta Classic is a data preparation experience that enables you to connect to a wide range of data sources, transform your data using an innovative interface, and integrate seamlessly into your existing data stack.

Tip: The primary container for data and assets is the flow.

See Trifacta Application.


Enables you to create, review, and manage plans, which are orchestrated sequences of tasks executed in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud

NOTE:  Access to the Plans page in the application and privileges on plans is governed by roles in your workspace. For more information, please contact your workspace administrator.

For more information, see Plans.


App Builder

App Builder enables you to build applications on a cloud-native platform, connect to your current workflows, and streamline your analytics processes. For more information, see App Builder.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables building predictive models from your ingested data for faster and better analysis.  For more information, see Machine Learning.


Build and export reports from data that you have processed in the  Alteryx Analytics Cloud For more information, see Reporting.

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