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Early Access: This documentation applies to the Early Access releases of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud and some hosted applications. Other hosted applications may be All Access at this time. If you are interested in getting access, please contact your Alteryx representative.


During the Data Insights stage, review helpful information about correlations and outliers in your dataset.


The Correlation Matrix and Chord Diagram show the strength of correlations between features in your dataset. Adjust the Correlation Threshold to filter out weak correlations from visualizations.


The Outliers panel shows what data points fall outside the expected distribution of your data. The box plots give you a high-level understanding of the distribution of data for each feature. Select a box plot to see a detailed distribution. We've highlighted outliers in red.

If a feature contains rows that are outliers, you can remove those rows from the dataset. Check the box associated with the rows you want to delete, then select Delete Selected Rows.


If you delete outliers, you won't be able to select Time Series Regression under Machine Learning Method in the Model Setup stage. Deleting rows introduces gaps in your time series data. These gaps make it difficult for the model to identify trends over time.

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