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Alteryx Analytics Cloud


Scheduled Maintenance: will be offline for maintenance at 3:00pm UTC on Tuesday March 28 for about 15 minutes.

All Access: This documentation applies to All Access releases of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud and some hosted applications. Other hosted applications may be separately available through our Early Access program. If you are interested in getting access, please contact your Alteryx representative.



After you've created your model, export it to use it in production.


You can download visualizations you've seen throughout the Machine Learning process:

  • Correlation Matrix
  • Chord Diagram
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Details about the Target
  • Feature Importance

Choose whether you want to download the visuals as a PowerPoint file (PPTX) or as a ZIP file that contains PNGs of each visual, then select Export Visuals.

Designer Integration

Use the Machine Learning Send and Machine Learning Predict tools to stream data into Machine Learning, make predictions, and then return it to your Designer Desktop workflows.

To use your model in Designer Desktop, export your model to a YXMD file and then open it in Designer Desktop. The workflow contains a Machine Learning Predict tool already on the canvas. To use the Machine Learning Predict tool...

  1. Go to the downloads page.
  2. Go to Alteryx Intelligence Suite > Alteryx Intelligence Suite (your Designer Desktop version).
    1. Note that you must have Designer Desktop 21.3 or higher installed.
  3. Download the Alteryx Machine Learning Designer Integration Tools YXI file.
  4. Open Designer with the "Run as Administrator" option enabled.
  5. Open the YXI file to start the installation process.

Upload New Data for Predicting

To make model predictions for Regression and Classification models, select new data that we haven't seen before. You can Browse files from My Files or Import a file from your computer. The new data must include the columns, in any order, used to build the model. It's OK if the new data contains a column with the target variable.


We treat rows that start with a number sign (#) as comments. If the first row in your CSV file is a comment, then the second row becomes the column header.

We also remove empty rows after the header row in your CSV file. If rows contain some empty cells, we convert these empty cells to null values instead. Note that it's good practice to upload files without empty rows.

Time Series Forecast Graph

If you select a Time Series model, you can view your historical data and your predicted, or forecasted, data in a single graph. The predicted data dates in the graph are chosen in your Prediction Window in Model Setup.

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