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Alteryx Analytics Cloud


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For up-to-date documentation of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform and applications, please visit us at

We no longer update the content for the Analytics Cloud products on this site.



Machine Learning is our cloud-based machine learning app. Use it to learn how to conduct machine learning projects, or simply to streamline your workflows. Access Machine Learning through your instance of Alteryx Analytics Cloud.  


We host Machine Learning in single tenant and multi-tenant environments. Depending on which environment you are in, there can be differences in how we secure and handle your data. Find out which environment of Machine Learning you have.

Getting Started

To get started with Machine Learning single tenant, visit Get Started with Machine Learning - Single Tenant.

To get started with Machine Learning multi-tenant, visit Get Started with Machine Learning - Multi-Tenant.

Application Setup

Please complete the following steps to get started using the application.

NOTE: These steps apply to the multi-tenant application only.


To enable the application within your workspace, please contact Alteryx Fulfillment.

Assign Roles

Each user of your workspace who needs access to the application must be assigned a specific role for it.

NOTE: Each application has a specific set of roles. When a workspace user is assigned an application role, the licensed seat count for the application is incremented, where applicable.

A workspace admin can assign application roles. 

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