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Alteryx Analytics Cloud


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The platform navigation bar enables access to platform-level objects and capabilities and user and administrator settings in the Alteryx® Analytics Cloud.

Figure: Platform Navigation Bar

Menu Bar

Use the menu bar at the top of the screen to navigate.

  • Overview: Return to the landing page, where you can access your platform objects, configure settings, and find additional resources. 
  • Library:  Review the available imported datasets, reference datasets, and macros and add or create new ones. See Library for Assets.

  • Connections: Add new or modify existing connections. See Connections.

    NOTE: Access to the Connections page in the application and privileges on connections is governed by roles in your workspace. For more information, please contact your workspace administrator.

Help Menu

Access resources such as Community, documentation, Alteryx Support, and more. 

Profile Menu

The Profile menu lets you modify settings specific to your account.

  • Switch Workspaces:  You can switch between workspaces, if you have access to more than one. 
  • Preferences: You can review your preferences such as account information and email notifications. 
  • Admin Console: Review and modify settings for your workspace.

    NOTE: You must be a workspace administrator to access the Admin console.

  • Logout. Sign out of the  Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

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