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These release notes apply to Designer Experience.

Designer Experience is hosted in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud. For more information on the underlying platform, see Release Notes for Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

June 15, 2023

What's New

Results Grid Improvements

  • New 'Empty' state added to the Data Quality bar. The 'Empty' state represents the number of cells with no value inside for string columns. The calculation of Data Profiling charts for strings columns has also been adjusted. Now, the percentage of column values calculated is based on the number of empty and null cells.
  • If the dataset contains cells with leading or trailing whitespaces, those cells are called out in the Results Grid, allowing for easier identification of those values.
  • New ‘Not Ok’ state added to the Data Quality bar, which represents the number of invalid cells in the column.

Suggestions Panel Improvements

  • New Data Cleansing suggestions added to the Suggestions Panel. Clean data and remove leading or trailing whitespaces or remove unwanted characters by applying the recommended suggestions. Proposed options will vary based on the column data type.

Tool Enhancements

  • Added new expressions: Regex_Replace and ReverseString.

June 8, 2023

What's New

Results Grid Improvements

  • Opening the Results Grid in a new window now works on Firefox browser.
  • Updated Messages section. Now, the total number of messages for the workflow is displayed in the Messages window. The number of tool specific messages is shown after you select the tool.

Tool Enhancements

  • Improved error messaging for the Find Replace tool and the Text to Columns tool.

June 1, 2023

What's New

Engine Selection in  Designer Cloud

You can now select a specific engine to run your Designer Cloud jobs. To select an engine, select the arrow next to the Run Job button and select your engine from the list.

  • Photon: Suggested for jobs up to 1 GB of data. Best for smaller jobs.
  • Spark: Best for larger jobs. The job runs on a distributed engine.
  • Snowflake: This engine is suggested in only a few cases.
    • Use when the source and target both are Snowflake.
    • Use when the source is a supported file type and the target is Snowflake.
    • Use when the source is Snowflake and the target is a supported file type.

Results Grid Improvements

  • Enabled additional data cleansing functionality inside the Results Grid to remove unwanted characters through the column header menu. Leading and trailing spaces, letters, numbers, tabs, line breaks, and other data cleansing options available in the Data Cleansing tool are now also supported in the Results Grid.
  • Enhanced behavior for data profiling charts. Now, if all values inside the column are unique, the data profiling chart won't be rendered. This optimizes the overall profiling performance.
  • Show All and Hide All column selection has been improved to truncate long column names.
  • Improved styling for 'No Columns Visible' empty placeholder in Results Grid.
  • Added a visual improvement to the Result Grid header. Now, switching to the Metadata section also shows you the number of columns in the dataset.
  • Created a new empty state inside the Results Grid while all columns are hidden in the grid.
  • Updated UI styling for the Show All and Hide All column selection inside the Results Grid header.

Suggestions Panel Improvements

  • Enhanced behavior for the Suggestions panel with a large list of suggested actions. Now, only the first 4 options will be displayed. To view additional options, select the expand button inside the Suggestion section.
  • Updated the color scheme inside the Suggestions panel to align it with existing colors used in the Expression Editor.
  • Updated tooltip wording for the Suggestion header in the Results Grid.
  • Operators for Filter tool suggestions are now described with words instead of mathematical symbols.

Tool Enhancements

  • The Filter tool can now support numbers starting with a decimal point.
  • New 1 in Every N Rows will be Sampled method added to the Sample tool.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TKP-295Fixed an issue for the Result Grid, with no truncation on UI for the cells which contain a long value.Fixed
TBOX-9398Fixed a defect with a disappearing 'empty placeholder' message inside the Result Grid by selecting twice on the output anchors for Join or Filter tools.Fixed
TBOX-9384Fixed a visual defect with incorrect column selection inside the Result Grid by removing and adding new columns inside the Select tool. So now, each time you change the number of columns inside the dataset, all the selected columns will be unchecked.Fixed
TKP-286Fixed an issue with randomly displaying loading animation within the Suggestions panel.Fixed
TKP-314Fixed an issue with incorrectly displayed action name on the Suggestion panel header.Fixed
TKP-300Fixed a defect where Suggestions was turning off while switching between the Data and Metadata view in the Results Grid.Fixed
TKP-274Fixed an issue where switching between editing suggestions and returning to the list view returned you to the top of the Suggestions list. Now, after editing a suggestion, you are returned to your previous location in the Suggestions list.Fixed
TKP-266Fixed a visual defect with incorrect styling for an empty placeholder inside the Suggestion panel while suggestions are turned off.Fixed
TKP-316Fixed a defect where incorrect styling displayed inside the Suggestion panel while no column was selected in the Results Grid.Fixed

May 12, 2023

What's New

New Landing Page

The new landing page for  Designer Cloud includes 2 additional sample workflows and One Tool Examples. It also now includes a link to Alteryx Academy.

Suggestions Enhancements

  • Improved wording of tooltip on the Suggestions icon.
  • Preview your suggestions from the Suggestions panel prior to applying them to the canvas. Hover over the suggestion to see the new preview.
  • Ability to turn on and off Suggestions added. Once Suggestions are turned off, any column header selection would not lead to opening the Suggestion panel. This setting is enabled/disabled through:
    • Designer Cloud header inside the View menu.
    • Suggestion panel header using the 3-dot menu.

Updates to Loading Data with Input Tool

Updated the loading animation and experience when loading a dataset through Input Data tool.

Tool Enhancements

  • Enhanced UX and visual layout for the Summarize tool.
  • New expressions added: datetimeparse and datetimetrim.
  • In the expression library, the Contains function supports dynamic target argument.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TBOX-9383Fixed an issue with incorrect Data Profiling chart scaling for boolean columns.Fixed
TBOX-9309Fixed defect with keeping column selection by closing Result Grid in a new browser window.Fixed
TBOX-9104Fixed a visual defect with displaying column header borders inside Result Grid.Fixed
TNAU-891Filter tool now works with decimal numbers.Fixed
TNAU-882Fixed Contains method for Find Replace tool.Fixed

May 4, 2023

What's New

One Tool Examples Now Available in  Designer Cloud

Hover over tools in the tool palette to access new One Tool Examples. Select Example to open a new workflow that you can review configurations and transformations within. You can also save the workflow to edit and run. To hide the tooltip flyouts, turn off this setting in your View options.

Edit Suggestions

Modify the default configuration for the following suggestion actions:

  • Column Rename
  • Column Drop
  • Sorting
  • Filtering

In addition, you can now reselect the column to which the particular suggestion will be applied and apply edits from the Suggestions panel.

Tool Enhancements

  • Enhanced UX and visual layout for Arrange tool.
  • Updated tooltip wording for the Join tool.
  • Enhanced the size of tool containers to make them easier to use and expand.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TBOX-9396Fixed an issue with Data Profiling crash on DateTime columns if those columns weren't visible in the Results Grid.Fixed

April 27, 2023

What's New

Suggestions and CSV Export in Results Grid

Check out new Suggestions for transforming your data directly from the Results Grid. Access suggestions by simply clicking on the column in the Results Grid. Within the Suggestions panel, Sort Suggestion allows you to easily sort columns by Ascending or Descending order.

You can now also export sample data from a tool's anchor as a CSV file. Select Export as CSV from the More Actions menu in the Results Grid.

Union Tool Enhancements

Updated the Union tool to enhance the usability and clarity of labels in the tool configuration panel. 

Tooltips Added to Join Tool

Added tooltips to the Output Anchor Diagrams in the Join tool configuration window to help explain the differences between the output types.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TFFY-1296Fixed an issue with the pagination on the landing page.Fixed
TFFY-1298Selecting output anchors for tools with multiple outputs would select the wrong anchor by default, rather than the anchor the user selected.Fixed
TFFY-1335Fixed an issue where some datasets would not load.Fixed

April 13, 2023

What's New

Excel Output in Designer Cloud

Export your workflow results to an Excel workbook. For more information, see Output Data tool.

  • You cannot specify names of individual Excel sheets.
  • If an workbook of the same name exists in the target location, the file is overwritten.

Import Data for  Designer Cloud in Alteryx Analytics Cloud

Import datasets for use in  Designer Cloud using the Data tab in  Alteryx Analytics Cloud. For more information, see Library for Data.

Updated Color and Contrast in Results Grid

Updated color and contrast for the Results Grid to enhance accessibility.

Delete Workflows from Designer Cloud Home Page

You can now delete workflows one at a time directly from the Designer Cloud home page.

Updated UI Library

Designer Cloud has been updated to use the latest UI library capabilities.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TBOX-9350Infinity loading in Results Grid by adding tools with sorting functionality (Sort or Sample).Fixed

Data Profiling charts not rendering on columns with a DateTime data type.


Optimized column selection performance for a grid with enabled Data Profiling to ensure there is no visual lag when selecting a column header. Similar improvements for large datasets will be part of future enhancements.

TBOX-8599Results Grid header overlaps the Expression Editor menu while expanded.Fixed

Tools with a long name will be truncated inside the Results Grid Message section.

TNAU-407Transpose tool (and other tools with checkbox lists for column names) shows errors if some columns are missing from the input.Fixed

New Known Issues

DateTime Tool Returns NULL Value for Japanese Browser Language

When the browser language is set to Japanese, the DateTime output column returns “NULL” values. Designer Cloud currently supports only English. To resolve this issue, ensure your browser language preference is set to English.

March 24, 2023

What's New

New Job Details Page for Designer Cloud Workflows!

After you run a Designer Cloud workflow, navigate to the Platform home page, then to the Job History page to look at specific jobs. Select a job from the list to see the Job Details, which gives you insights about the job execution, any errors, and the details of the run.

There are two limitations for the new Job Details page: 

  • "Dataset deleted" is shown as a workflow name for deleted workflows.

  • As an admin, you can't see details of jobs run by others.

Annotation for Basic Filters

Annotations for the Basic Filter options in the Filter tool now appear on the canvas underneath the tool.

Second Auto Completion in Expression Editor

Second auto completion now works in the Expression Editor in the Formula tool. Previously, if you had entered a value with autocomplete and tried to add a second value, autocomplete would not trigger.

Updated Color and Styling in Mini-Map and Comments

Updated color and styling for the Mini-Map and Comment editing feature.

Data Profiling Optimization for Large Datasets

To reduce performance load, Data Profiling on large datasets is now calculated only for those columns which are visible to the user. For for the rest of the columns, Data Profiling will be executed per column ranges in order to reduce performance load with simultaneously calculated columns.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:


Fixed several scenarios that caused Data Profiling crashes by triggering some actions through the Results Grid Column header:

  • Columns reordering in Results Grid with enabled Data Profiling.

  • Incorrect data type conversion with enabled Data Profiling.

TBOX-9303Incorrect column name displayed in the Suggestion panel while renaming a column in the Result Grid header.Fixed

Enabled the scroll bar inside the Result Grid Anchors section, which improved the navigation between the anchors for the Join tool when the Result Grid is collapsed.

TFFY-1215Improved navigation between workflows and Input anchors, ensuring that data within the Results Grid loads properly and timely.Fixed

March 17, 2023

What's New

Updated Colors and Contrast Throughout Designer Experience

Updated colors and contrast in the tool palette, canvas, and containers enhance the accessibility and usability of Designer Experience.

Open Workflows with "Unsupported Tools"

Improved the experience opening workflows that contain what used to be "unsupported tools", such as containers and comments, or the Input tool when you first connect to data. Previously this was causing a workflow error. 

Resolved Issues

The following issues were addressed in the current release:

TFFY-1215Improved navigation between workflows and Input anchors, ensuring that data within the Results Grid loads properly and timely.Fixed
TFFY-1223Updated workflow behavior for configured and unconfigured inputs so that you are still able to add tools to inputs with data configured and the workflow will allow you to advance in your journey. Previously the input that was not configured disabled the progression of a workflow.Fixed
TAC-262Output validation helps identify data errors that are preventing workflows from running. For example, if the column header in the Input source contains spaces, the validation error in the Output tool will show what needs to be fixed.Fixed

March 6, 2023

What's New

Renaming Workflows

You can now rename workflows in the canvas header.

Notification When Job Added to Queue

You now receive a notification after you select Run and a new job is added to the queue.

February 16, 2023

This is the initial set of release notes for Designer Experience.

What's New

Designer Experience brings our familiar Designer Desktop interface to the browser for data profiling, preparation, blending, and analytics. Build intuitive visual workflows or analytics processes, all in the cloud, and easily
scale and democratize analytics across your organization. Designer Experience will continuously be up to date with the latest features available, bringing new capabilities to your fingertips, effortlessly.

First Time Experience Tour

A new first time experience tour has been added to Designer Experience. This is designed to help new users get up and running in record time. For creators that are familiar with Designer Desktop, skip the tour and get right to work.

Library for Workflows

Create and review  Designer Cloud workflows from the Cloud Portal. See Library for Assets Page.

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