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Alteryx Analytics Cloud


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For up-to-date documentation of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform and applications, please visit us at

We no longer update the content for the Analytics Cloud products on this site.



The Machine Learning interface includes options that are accessible at all stages of the modeling workflow.

Global Menu

Because Machine Learning is part of Alteryx® Analytics Cloud , you can always access all your cloud apps and quick links from the Interface > global menu.

Education Mode

Select the book icon to open or close the Education Mode. If opened, helpful content will appear as you walk through the stages of the Machine Learning process.


Education Mode content only appears once you have opened a project.


Select the megaphone icon to give us feedback. We listen to what you have to say. That's how we decide what needs to improve in our products, so rate our products, describe your experiences, and then Send us your feedback.

Dark Mode

Switch between light and dark mode with the sun icon and moon icon.


Select the profile icon to sign out of Machine Learning, as well as the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

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