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Trifacta SaaS



Do you need further assistance? Check out the resources below:

Check Status

You can monitor the status of the infrastructure for Trifacta SaaS. Please bookmark the following:

Real-Time Chat

Have a question about the product? Use the new in-app chat feature to explore content or ask a question to our support staff. If you need assistance, please reach out!

NOTE: User messaging may require enablement in your deployment. See Workspace Settings Page.

In Trifacta® SaaS, click the Help icon and select Search Help to search our help content.

Trifacta Community and Support Portal

The Trifacta Community and Support Portal can be reached at:

Within our Community, you can:

  • Manage your support cases
  • Get free Wrangler certifications
  • Post questions to the community
  • Search our AI-driven knowledgebase
  • Answer questions to earn points and get on the leaderboard
  • Watch tutorials, access documentation, learn about new features, and more 

Resources for Support

Report issue: When you report your issue, please include the session information available in the Trifacta application. Select Help menu > Report issue. See Report Issue.


Feature Availability: This feature is not available in the following editions:

  • Trifacta Starter Edition
  • Dataprep Starter Edition by Trifacta

For more information about other products from Trifacta®, please visit

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