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Feature Availability: This feature may not be available in all product editions. For more information on available features, see Compare Editions.

Google Sheets provides a spreadsheet interface for cloud-based data stored in Google Drive. It allows multiple users to edit and format files in real-time . For more information, see 

You can create connections to your  Google Sheets instance from the Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta platform

  • You can create multiple  Google Sheets connections.
  • During connection creation, you must provide access to Google Drive.


  • This is a read-only connection. 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) is not supported.
  • Custom domains are not supported.
  • Since data must be converted to a native file format, this connection does not support previewing of your data in the source.

  • If you have enabled Google Advanced Protection, this connection type does not work.


To create this connection, select the  Google Sheets  card. For more information, see Connections Page.

Modify the following properties as needed:

OAuth 2.0 Client

The OAuth 2.0 Client is displayed.

NOTE: When you create the connection in this window, you must click Authenticate, which authenticates to the app. This step is required.

Connection NameDisplay name of the connection.
Connection DescriptionDescription of the connection, which appears in the application.

Test and Use


  1. You can import datasets from  Google Sheets through the Import Data page. For more information, see Import Data Page
  2. Perform a few simple transformations to the data. Run the job. For more information, see Transformer Page.
  3. Verify the results.

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