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Feature Availability: This feature may not be available in all product editions.

In the Manage Subscription page, you can review your current plan, subscription costs, and prior invoices.

Plan elementDescription

Trifacta Compute

vCPU usage is computed based on cost per hour. Trifacta Compute is used for running jobs in Trifacta Photon, Spark, or other accessible running environment. Jobs can include transformation jobs, profiling jobs, and sampling jobs submitted via the Trifacta application or the APIs.

Product editionFor your current product edition, you can review the maximum number of enabled users that you can provision in the workspace and the monthly or annual cost associated with the subscription.


NOTE: To use the product, you must have a valid subscription to your product edition and a corresponding subscription plan for the Trifacta Compute environment. These plans cannot be used independently of each other.

To cancel any part of your plan, click Cancel Plan.

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