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Designer Cloud is available to customers in the following editions. A product edition is a set of features and limits on resources applied to your workspace. Depending your account, the same product edition can be applied across multiple workspaces.

For more specific limitations on each product edition, see Pricing and Editions.

Locating Your Edition

In the Designer Cloud application, select Resources menu > About.


This value is the build number.

Tip: When reaching out to Alteryx Support, it can be helpful to provide the Version information.


If the Edition value is present, it can be mapped to the following production edition:

EditionProduct NameChanges for Release 9.5

Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition

No change. Supported.

Designer Cloud Professional Edition

No change. Supported.

Designer Cloud Starter Edition

No change. Supported.
Trifacta Premium

Designer Cloud Premium

NOTE: After Release 9.5, any renewals for Designer Cloud Premium workspaces must be migrated to a new product edition. 

Wrangler Free

Designer Cloud Educational

Designer Cloud Edition Information

Product TierDescription

Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition

Hosted by Alteryx Inc. on AWS, this product edition offers enterprise-grade features and support, including access to APIs.

Designer Cloud Professional Edition

Hosted by Alteryx Inc. on AWS, this product edition enables broad connectivity and access to advanced APIs to integrate with your existing data pipelines.

Designer Cloud Starter Edition

Hosted by Alteryx Inc. on AWS, this product edition enables you to get started wrangling your data from cloud-based storage.

Designer Cloud Premium

Hosted by Alteryx Inc. on AWS, this product edition offers the broadest suite of capabilities and connectivity=.

Product documentation for all of these product editions is now hosted in the following location:

Product documentation applies to all product editions. Documentation that is applicable to a subset of these product editions is marked like the following example:

Feature Availability: This feature may not be available in all product editions. For more information on available features, see Compare Editions.

Trial Editions

Thirty-day trials use Designer Cloud Enterprise Edition.

If you are using a 30-day trial edition of the product, you must upgrade to a licensed edition after the trial expires.

After your trial expires:

  • All jobs and scheduled jobs are canceled.
  • You can login to the Designer Cloud application, but you cannot access to your flows, recipes, datasets, and other objects that you have created within the product.
  • You cannot access any APIs.  

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