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When you import a flow into a new project or workspace, you may need to remap the imported datasets in the flow to source data.

Tip: When you import the flow, click the Warnings link to review the list of objects that must be remapped.

When the flow is imported from one instance to another instance, the imported datasets may be broken after the flow has been imported into another instance. You must map the imported flow to the corresponding data sources.


  1. Open the imported flow. 
  2. In Flow View,  the datasets that need remapping have a red dot in the corner of their icon. This dot means that the Trifacta application is unable to connect to the dataset. 
  3. You may need to recreate the connections that were used to the import the dataset in the original workspace. See Connections Page.

  4. For each broken dataset:
    1. Right-click the dataset and click Replace .  
    2. From the Replace dialog, select the existing dataset or click Import Datasets and select the required dataset. For more information, see  Import Data Page .
    3. Select Replace
    4. The selected dataset is replaced with an another dataset.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each broken dataset in the flow.

You may also need to remap the outputs. For more information, see  Reconnect Flow to Outputs .

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