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If necessary, you can transfer the ownership of one or more of your assets to another user. 

Asset ownership can be transferred for the following types of assets:

  • Flows

    NOTE: You cannot transfer ownership of folders.

    NOTE: Reference datasets cannot be separately transferred. They are transferred when the entire flow is transferred. 

  • Plans
  • Imported datasets
  • Connections

    NOTE: When a connection is transferred to a new owner, the new owner may need to enter authentication credentials. 

  • Macros

    NOTE: When a macro is transferred to a new owner, the previous owner loses access to it. 

After the transfer, the original owner retains access to the assets as a collaborator.

NOTE: After a macro is transferred, the original owner no longer has collaborator access to the macro, since macros cannot be shared.


  • Administrators can transfer all assets owned by one user to another user, which is an important step before disabling or removing the original user from the system. For more information, see User Details Page.
  • Asset ownership cannot be transferred between projects or workspaces.
  • Transferring ownership of an asset does not change any underlying permissions that may be required to access the asset. For example, if you transfer an imported dataset to another user, that user cannot use the asset unless the user's permissions enable access. For more information, please contact your administrator.

Tip: Non-admin users can transfer only assets that they own. Admin users can transfer ownership of any Alteryx asset in the project or workspace.

Transfer of Individual Assets

You can transfer the ownership of one or more individual assets.


  1. In the Designer Cloud application, locate the asset that you wish to transfer.
  2. From the context menu for the asset, select Transfer asset ownership.
  3. Enter the username of the individual to whom you wish to transfer ownership of the asset. Then, select Transfer ownership.

    Figure: Transfer asset ownership dialog

  4. The asset is now owned by the designated user.

Bulk Transfer

Admin users can transfer all of the assets owned by one user to another user. For more information, see User Details Page.

Non-admin users can transfer all of their owned assets through the API. See  Designer CloudAPI Reference docs

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