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The Workspace Usage page identifies how Trifacta resources are being consumed within your workspace. You can review the Trifacta resources consumed, and if required, you can free up space by removing unused datasets, jobs, or recipes.

NOTE: You must be a workspace administrator to access this page.

Figure: Workspace Usage Page

At the top of the page, you can view the type of your plan. 


The number of licensed users for the current plan.

Manage Subscription:

Feature Availability: This feature may not be available in all product editions.

You can review your current plan, subscription costs, and prior invoices. For more information, see Manage Subscription Page.


You can view the current storage statistics. 

Usage Period:

You can review usage statistics from the Virtual Centralized Processing Unit (vCPU) usage drop-down. You can select the last six to 18 billing months or even customize the date range to review the usage.

Total vCPU hours: 

The total number of vCPU hours consumed by the workspace users on a monthly basis. The consumptions are based on the volume of data processed and the complexity of transformations executed. For more information, see Usage Metrics.


Trifacta Photon

The total number of  vCPU hours used when executing the job in the Trifacta Photon environment.

SparkThe total number of vCPU hours used when executing the job in a Spark-based environment.

To download a detailed CSV report of vCPU usage, click Download full report.

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