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Through the Admin console, admin users can modify settings and users at the system and workspace level, as well as run health checks and manage the license for Dataprep by Trifacta®.  Select User menu > Admin console.

NOTE: You must be an administrator to access this feature.

Project settings

NOTE: This option is available only to project administrators.

Review and edit settings applicable to the project. For more information, see Dataprep Project Settings Page.


Trial users can upgrade at any time during the 30-day trial period. If you are using a trial version of the product, you can upgrade your trial to a higher product edition. Click Upgrade.

Environment parameters

Define parameters that apply to the entire environment and are available for use by all users. For more information, see Environment Parameters Page.

OAuth 2.0 clients

Workspace administrators can create and manage clients for accessing an OAuth 2.0 app in an external platform such as a relational datastore.

NOTE: Before you create an OAuth 2.0 client, you must have created an OAuth 2.0 app in the target system, to which your client can connect. For more information, see Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

For more information, see OAuth 2.0 Clients Page.

Service accounts

Feature Availability: This feature is available in the following editions:

  • Dataprep Enterprise Edition by Trifacta
  • Dataprep Premium by Trifacta

NOTE: This option is available only to project administrators.

Specify service accounts under which to run jobs on Dataflow for individual project users. For more information, see Service Accounts Page.

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